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Science of Therapeutic Immersion

Soaking in a Hot Tub not only feels good, but actually speeds up the body's natural healing processes, calms down aching muscle pains and decontracts muscle fibres for an optimal and full back relaxation.

Don't just take our word for it though, the health benefits of hot water immersion are recognised by many, including The Arthritis Society, Canadian Diabetes Association and the Canadian Sleep Society.

Logos of Arthritus Society, Canadian Diabetes Association and Canadian Sleep Society

Your Hydropool Massage

Find out more about the technology included in our hot tubs that will make your immersion as relaxing or therapeutic as you like.

Choose Your Seat

Hydropool Massage Seating Diagram

Our Hot Tubs come with a range of seating configurations allowing you to customise the immersion experience for all who use your tub.

  1. Never Float Lounger
  2. Extreme Seat
  3. Swivel Seat
  4. Cool Down Seat
  5. Arm Rests with Jets

Choose Your Massage

There are many ways you can personalise your massage.

  • Select your series, each coming with different options
  • Select your HydroFlow Jets
  • Select Variable Speed Air Therapy or AcuPressure Sequence Massage

Choose Your Mood

You can also tailor the mood of your Hot Tub experience with the following:

  • HydroFall Pillows
  • Cascading HydroFalls
  • Northern Lights
  • Deluxe LEDs
  • Dream Scents